Check-In and Parking

Conference check-in will begin at 2pm and end at 3pm on Wednesday, June 26, 2019. Participants will check-in at the Welcome Center, next to MSJU’s Office of Admissions (enter near the fountain in front of MSJU’s Welcome Center on Neeb Rd.). Those traveling west on Delhi Rd can take a left onto Neeb Rd to reach the Welcome Center. Those traveling east on Delhi will take a right to on Neeb Road. The Welcome Center/fountain is on the right hand side.

Those looking to park their cars for the rest of the weekend can do so at the West Parking Lot, on the other side of campus. Traveling west on Delhi Rd (take a left onto Delhi Rd off Neeb Road). The West Parking Lot is going be on your left, after the last main building on campus (the theater lobby)


Abide participants will be housed in the campus dorms for the week of the conference, enjoy all of the perks of the campus, including meals in the full-service dining hall. The folks who handle food service at MSJU are very accommodating and work with Abide to ensure proper nutrition/hydration throughout the week. The food service staff also handles dietary restrictions, allergies, etc. Any special dietary needs can be noted in the Online Info Form that is due by April 22, 2019. 

In terms of sleeping arrangements, the young men and young women will be separated by floor, with each conference participant assigned to a double-room. Bathrooms/showers are the standard dormitory/shared bathrooms, and conference participants will need to bring their own bedding (or a sleeping bag), pillow, towels, and toiletries. 


While on campus, MSJU security maintains patrol 24/7. The university staff, along with our team of young adult volunteers, and adult chaperones provide around-the-clock support to ensure the safety of all conference participants. During our two excursions into downtown Cincinnati, Abide hires two security guards to monitor the areas in which the teens are engaging with the general public. 

Suggested Packing List

  • A sleeping bag and pillow and/or other linens

  • An alarm clock (yes, these existed before cell phones)

  • Toiletries

  • A washcloth and 2 towels

  • An umbrella or other rain gear

  • A backpack – to carry belongings throughout the day as all sleeping areas are off limits during the day

  • Sun block

  • Water bottle

  • A Bible, notebook and pen

  • Bathing suit for showers -OPTIONAL (All showers have shower curtains, but some people opt to bring bathing suits for added modesty and/or personal preference)

  • Spending money (to purchase snacks, food and drinks – water will be available throughout the day)

  • Appropriate clothing for the week (An extra set of gym shorts/t-shirt that can get wet when we go to Washington Park)

  • If your group is bringing cameras or video cameras, please know that flash photography during the Liturgies is not allowed. In addition, the sessions and Liturgies cannot be videotaped. Videotaping of speakers is not allowed.