Through personal accompaniment, Abide forms and commissions high school youth to root their lives in Christ through His Church, and to share this Christian joy with others as missionary disciples.


1. Invite participants to commit (or re-commit) themselves to Christ.

2. Cultivate a docility to the Holy Spirit.

3. Foster an environment conducive to the formation of an authentic Christian community.

4. Provide opportunities for youth/campus ministers and their teens to exercise gifts and skills in real ministry experiences.

5. Offer an understanding of “mission” that is rooted in the very person of Christ Jesus.

6. Firmly root youth/campus ministers and their teens in a palpable experience of the Catholic faith, as outlined in Acts 2:42.

7. Send youth/campus ministers teens back to their parishes, schools, and families confident in their ability to evangelize and willing live as witnesses.

Intended Audience

Abide has a dual audience:

  1. Abide is designed as a missionary discipleship conference - a ‘going deeper’ or ‘next step conference’ for teens who have encountered Christ and are beginning on the Way as a disciple. Ideally, teens who attend have some prior youth ministry and retreat experience, and who are looking to grow in the spiritual life and in knowledge of how to share the Gospel with their families, friends, etc.

  2. Abide encourages youth/campus ministers to discern and invite teen leaders who serve as disciple makers at their parishes and schools, AND to attend the conference with them. This way, the youth/campus minister has substantial time to be with his/her teens, experience the conference with them, process all of the content together, and have deep experiences both in prayer and in evangelization that will propel renewal once they return to their parishes and schools.

What Makes Abide Unique?

A typical teen conference lasts three days (at most). Abide is five days. Teens are not only taught about who Jesus is, they live a daily personal encounter with Him. This is accomplished through daily mass, frequent opportunities for confession, adoration, worship and authentic Christian community. It does not stop there… Teens are guided and challenged to experience intentional discipleship, both personally and within Christian community through dynamic workshops and presentations.

Abide’s pinnacle experience presents a unique opportunity: to go into the world as a missionary disciple. We do this by going to downtown Cincinnati to meet our neighbors and share the abundance of love and joy that results from a life rooted in discipleship. Abide attendees experience what it means to live a life so infused with Christian joy, that it leaves no other option but to be a gift for others.

Abide provides a conference experience unlike any other, both in terms of its intimate feel...with only 100 conference participants...and also in that it encourages youth/campus ministers to participate in this experience with their teens. In this way, Abide takes seriously Pope Francis' call for accompaniment, and aims to help youth/campus ministers walk with their teens from the moment they walk into the conference together, through the renewal that will come about in their communities at the parish or school. 

Who sponsors abide?

Abide is a collaborative effort between local youth ministers and VIA, the outreach initiative of the Office for Youth Evangelization and Discipleship of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.